Arctan Calculator

Arctan Calculator

We are presenting online arctan(x) calculator, or Inverse tangent calculator, check out now!

  1. Arctangent calculator
  2. Arctangent definition
  3. Arctan on calculator
  4. Arctangent table

Arctangent calculator

If you want to calculate arctan(x) with the online calculator, it is presented here, check now!

  1. Enter the values that you want to find out.
  2. Choose the result type in degrees (°) or in radians (rad) from the table provided.
  3. Press the calculate button to calculate the final result.


Arctangent definition

The value of the arctangent function is equal to the inverse function of y = tan(x).

arctan(y) = tan-1(y) = x+

As we all know that every k = {…,-2,-1,0,1,2,…}

For example, If the tangent of -45° is -1:

tan(-45°) = -1

Then the arctangent of -1 is -45°:

arctan(-1) = tan-1(-1) = -45°

Arctan on calculator

Are you looking on to calculate arctan(y) on an online calculator? check out now!

  1. Press shift and the tan buttons.
  2. Enter the angle for which you want to calculate.
  3. Press the equal button.

Arctangent table

Find out the tables from the values provided in the table, check out now!

yx = arctan (y)

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