Electron-volts to volts calculator

Electron-volts to volts calculator

We are offering the Energy in electron-volts (eV) to the electrical voltage in volts (V) calculator, to make your calculations easy. All you need is to enter the energy in electron-volts, and the charge in elementary charge or coulombs and hit the = button.


eV to volts calculation with elementary charge

The value of the voltage V measured in volts (V) is apparently equal to the value of energy E in electron-volts (eV), and which is finally divided by the electric charge Q in the elementary charge or the proton/electron charge (e).

V(V) = E(eV) / Q(e)

eV to volts to calculation with coulombs

The voltage V in volts (V) is apparently equal to 1.602176565×10-19 multiplied by the energy E in the electron-volts (eV), and divided by the electrical charge Q measured in coulombs (C).

V(V) = 1.602176565×10-19 × E(eV) / Q(C) 

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