Exponential Growth/Decay Calculator

Exponential Growth/Decay calculator

The online exponential growth or decay calculator is now here! Save right away!

Exponential growth/decay formula

x(t) = x0 × (1 + r) t

x(t) is the value at the time t.

x0 is the initial value at the time t=0.

r is the growth rate when the value of r>0 or the decay rate for r<0, in the percentage.

t is the time in the discrete intervals and the selected time for units.

Exponential growth calculator

Press the initial value x0, and the growth rate r and time interval t and press the calculate button.


For Example,

x0 = 60

r = 5% = 0.05

t = 70 hours

x(t) = x0 × (1 + r) t = 60×(1+0.05)70 = 1825.5

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