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Valentine Calendar 2017

The Valentine’s Day, which is also popular as the Saint Valentine’s Day, is a yearly holiday that is celebrated and cherished in many parts of the world on 14th February. It has been derived as a day for worshiping the early saints that were known as the Valentinus and is known as a momentous cultural and marketable celebration in several regions on the globe, even though it isn’t a public holiday in any nation.

The Valentine’s Day customs have been created within the early hours of modern England and extended all through the globe during the late 1800’s. In the later part of 20th and early phase of the 21st centuries, these traditions multiplied to other nations as well.

February Valentine Calendar

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Valentine’s Calendar Dates

Owing to the determined marketing attempt, Valentine’s Day is imminent in a few East Asian countries and the Chinese are most significantly splurging the most amounts of cash on Valentine’s gifts.In the USA, approximately over a 180 million Valentine’s Day greeting cards are sent every year, not counting the cards that school children exchange with each other. In addition, during the fresh decades Valentine’s Day has turned out to be ever more commercialized and an admired gift-offering occasion, with themed posters cheering to spend on the loved ones.

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There are 8 days counting the Valentine’s Day that are illustrated in Valentine’s February Calendar and are celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness. Mark these lovable dates in your blank February calendars as they take place starting from the 7th of Feb till the 14th of Feb that is Valentine’s Day itself.

Valentine Calendar Week

So, starting from 7th February, this day is celebrated as Rose Day on which the loved ones, friends, etc. exchange roses to express their love and affection to one another. On 8th February comes Propose Day on which people who have tender feelings for someone, express those feeling in front of the person they love, in any way possible.

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9th February is the Chocolate Day, which is celebrated by giving chocolate as a feeling of affection towards the person you love the most! On February 10th, the people offer teddy bears to their loved ones and celebrate this day as the Teddy Bear Day. The 11th of February is celebrated by the couples in general as they make promises to one another, and the day is known as Promise Day. The 12th of February is celebrated as Hug Day, on which the love birds traverse their feeling of love by hugging each other.

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The last day before the Valentine’s Day is the Kiss Day, which is celebrated on 13th February and on this day a lot of people express their love by kissing their loved one! Last but not the least comes the Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated all over the globe by spending some quality time with the one you admire and have a feeling of affection for. Get a Printable Calendar and starting planning your dates now!

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