Final Grade Calculator

Final Grade Calculator

Calculates your Final Grades.

Current grade:% 
Required class grade:% 
Final exam weight:%  
Final exam grade needed:% 

Calculates the final exam grade which equals to 100% times the needed grade, minus 100% minus the final examination weight (w) multiplied by the current grade (g), and the whole is divided by the total exam weight (w):

Final examination grade =

= (100%×needed grade – (100% – w) ×current grade) / w

Final Grade Calculation

Learn finding the Final Grade Calculation!

For Instance,

  • Current grade is 70% (or C-).
  • Final exam weight is 50%.
  • Required grade is 80% (or B-)

= (100%×80% – (100% – 50%) ×70%) / 50% = 90%

The final exam grade is 90% (or A-).

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