March 2017- Check When is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was initially celebrated as the International Working Women’s Day. This Day is celebrated by all the countries to pay their respect to the female sex on Earth. This day is celebrated every year in the month of March on 8th Day from the initial dates. They ways of celebration may vary from one region to another. This day may include celebrations from the general celebrations of appreciation, respect, or to showcase your love towards the women in your life or in general.

About Women’s Day

This day is particularly devoted to the women who are not recognized for their achievements in political, economic, or social events. The Women’s Day got its significance after 1975 and especially after the Icelandic women’s strike which leads to the first female president in the world.

Women's Day Calendar

Girly March Calendar

In few regions, this day has lost its political intricacies, as for this time, this day has almost taken the shape of an occasion which is more a mixture of the two important days that is the Mother’s Day and the other one be the Valentine’s Day.

The day is dedicated to all the women who have struggled in terms of the gender equality in terms of the power games at the hands of Patriarchy. International Women’s Day is a celebration for all the women members who are even struggling now to gain power in their hands at economic and gendered socio-cultural surroundings.

We wish you a very Happy International Women’s Day, more power to women!

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