May 2017 Blank Calendar

May 2017 Blank Calendar

2017 May Calendar Design

Download May 2017 calendar image in high definition and you can take print too.

One thought on “May 2017 Blank Calendar

  1. Aside from the turn around pose and fan service in some of the &#s8a0;2peci2l areas”, I don’t see much going for this. It was a shame you couldn’t cancel. I’ve also had a few where I didn’t want to cancel in fear they might flag me or something. But damn, what do you (and Shashin) do for a living? Haha. Spent enough in 2 years for an automobile in just that store? Pretty insane especially when you count all the other stores. And then you have living expenses as well. At least it gives all us readers a treat from your reviews ^o^

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