Simple interest calculator

Simple interest calculator

Find Simple interest with this easy-to-use calculator.


Learn to calculate simple interest formula

You can use this Simple interest formula to calculate.

The simple interest amount can be easily calculated as it is equal to the principal amount into the product of the annual interest rate split by the number of periods per year m, multiplied by the number of periods n:

simple interest amount = principal amount × (rate / m) × n

For Example

If you need to calculate the simple interest amount of the principal amount of $6,000, annual interest rate of 4% and time of 18 months.


principal amount = $6,000

rate = 4%

m = 12 months/year

n = 18 months

simple interest amount = $6,000 × (4% / 12months/year) × 18months

    = $6,000 × (0.04 / 12months/year) × 18months

   = $360

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