Tangent Calculator

Tangent calculator

The online trigonometric tangent calculator is available here right now!

  1. Tangent calculator
  2. Inverse tangent calculator
  3. Tangent table

Tangent calculator

You can easily make calculations easy and calculate the value of tan(x) with this calculator.

  1. Type the values of input angle.
  2. Choose the angle type of degrees (°) or the radians (rad) in the tool provided.
  3. Lately press the calculate button to obtain final results.


Note: You are required to use e for the scientific notation in your calculations.

Inverse tangent calculator

All you need to enter the values of tangent and select the degrees (°) and value of radians (rad) and hit the calculate button to know the results.


Tangent table

Tangent Table is now available here on the official website, check right away!

  tan(x) x
 degrees radians
 0 0 0
 0.577350269 30 π/6
 1 45 π/4
 1.732050808 60 π/3
  not defined 90 π/2
  not defined -90 -π/2
 -1.732050808 -60 -π/3
  -1 -45 -π/4
 -0.577350269 -30 π/6

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